Team Pacific Spring

2021 Team Pacific

We are excited to welcome and invite you to join our 2021 Team Pacific Program this Spring. This program will take place at Ice Sports North Shore – Canlan on Tuesday and Friday, sessions will incorporate individual skills, situational|reaction based training along with 3 on 3|small games and games|tournament
* We have every intention to provide Games and Tournament play however participation will be based on the guidelines of ViaSport.

Driven to Provide Excellence

Programs emphasize the players development through focus on the fundamentals, proper technique and skill progression. Program implements a positive and productive learning environment to help the players understand their own individual skill set while teaching them how to see, think and respect the game.

Programs are designed for players who want to learn, be challenged and grow to develop their own individual skills in a team environment. All programs will include upbeat tempo in a Fun, yet challenging and competitive environment.

U11Tuesday & FridayApril 2nd – June 11th4:00 – 4:50 PMIncludes 20 Development Sessions, Instruction, Uniform, Apparel & Event$1200 + GST
U13Tuesday & FridayApril 2nd – June 11th5:00 – 5:50 PMIncludes 20 Development Sessions, Instruction, Uniform, Apparel & Event$1200 + GST

We fully support multisport athletes and encourage players to partake in other activities, that in mind we want to ensure all teammates are committed to their team and their own individual progress.

Season: April 2nd – June 11th
Development | Scenario Based | Small Games: 2 Sessions per week
Games: as permitted
Tournament: 1 event (participation based on guidelines from ViaSport)

Program Fees

The projected cost for the upcoming spring season are listed below. This includes all development, uniform, apparel, professional instruction, insurance and 1 event. This does not include any extra events if permitted and the team agrees.

If you would like your child to participate within our program, please complete the player details and make a deposit to confirm position.

U11$500$400 on February 20 | $360 on March 20$1260
U13$500$400 on February 20 | $360 on March 20$1260
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