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Lady Canucks

Spring 2021

We are excited to share this invitation for the 2021 Lady Canucks!

We will be running a Spring Training program for the Lady Canucks at Planet Ice Coquitlam on the specified weekends. Each weekend will consist of 5 hours on ice with an off-ice activity. Sessions will incorporate individual skills, positional skills, situational play, team play, 3 on 3 and small games (game play will be based on guidelines from ViaSport)

While there is uncertainty around the 2021 Rose Series events, organizers are working on scheduling and alternative options for events this Summer. We have every intention to provide Games and at least 1 event however, participation will be based on the recommendations of our governing bodies, location/permitted travel and the comfort/safety of our families.

Given the opportunity, we will participate in any HPL 4 on 4 | 5 on 5 events we can.

Driven to provide excellence, it is our goal to elevate your game!

Our programs emphasize the growth of each individual player, to maximize their potential and for cohesion among the unit. We are passionate about teaching players how to see, think and respect the game. As a group, we strive to provide a better understanding and knowledge for how to elevate a player’s overall game performance.

This program is designed for players who are committed to their game, focused on playing at the next level, highest level and becoming the best. The opportunity to bring a collective group together who want to learn, be challenged and ready to hold themselves and each other accountable.

2007April 30-May 2May 14-16Includes 10 Hours Training, Instruction, Uniform & Apparel $825 + GST
2008April 9-11April 30-May 2May 14-16Includes 15 Hours Training, Instruction, Uniform & Apparel$1050 + GST
2009April 9-11May 7-9May 28-30Includes 15 Hours Training, Instruction, Uniform & Apparel$1050 + GST
10|11April 9-11May 7-9May 28-30Includes 15 Hours Training, Instruction, Uniform & Apparel$1050 + GST
Instructors | Coaches

All sessions will be Lead By: Dayna Birch
Supported By: Jeff Eaton | Jordie Armon-Jones | Mitch Lightfoot

Program Fees

Fees for the upcoming Spring Training program will be split into 2 payments, this includes development, uniform, apparel, professional coaching and insurance.
*Fees for events and travel will be projected as details become available.

If you would like to participate and be a part of this program, please complete the player details and make deposit.

2007 – Deposit $425 | Payment $441.25
2008 – Deposit $550 | Payment $552.50
2009 – Deposit $550 | Payment $552.50
2010 – Deposit $550 | Payment $552.50
2011 – Deposit $550 | Payment $552.50

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