About Us


Advantage Hockey offers programs to fit the needs of all players; Male and Female, at all ages and levels.  Our instructors have the expertise to offer services for professionals, players who want to train like professionals and those who want to learn the fundamental and mechanical skills to set themselves up for continued growth and opportunities.

It is our philosophy and primary focus to help individual players understand their strengths and weaknesses, to provide the mechanical and technical skill set for correction and development through instruction and growth.

Along with skill development, our philosophy teaches athletes how to see, think and respect the game.  We like to focus on every aspect of the game in detail and explain the purpose.  It is our goal to provide a better understanding and knowledge for how to maximize a player’s overall game performance. 

Programs include, but not limited to:

Private Training

Semi-Private Training

Small Group Training

Team Training

Association Development

Spring & Summer Development

Video Analysis